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Sweet Water Services

We are a leading Sweet Water Tanker Supply Company in Dubai, UAE. Established in 1971, We are specialized in Sweet Water Tanker Supply, TSE Water Tanker Supply, Salt Water Tanker Supply, and Potable Water Tanker Supply to construction sites, restaurants, hotels, and Swimming Pools. Sweet Water Tanker And Salt Water Tanker We Supply in Following Capacity Such as 10,000 Gallons, 5000 Gallons, and 1000 Gallons at affordable prices.

Saltwater Supply Services

 Are you looking for Salt Water Tanker in Dubai, Sadiqwts.com is one the leading company that supplies Salt water in Dubai UAE. We have a capacity of 1000 to 15000-gallon water tankers in Dubai UAE.

Sewage Tanker Services

 Waste water removal Services in Dubai, Sewage wastewater is (non-hazardous waste) that is generated from communities, labor camps, offices, and industrial areas. It’s collected in holding tanks not have or having sewerage network drain lines. Such wastes are collected by vacuum tanker and disposed to the sewerage treatment plant.

“All our services are available 24/7 anywhere in Dubai, UAE.”

“Sadiqwts.com” is a growing firm and we are strategically moving towards being the best “Portable water supply company in Dubai. Our mission is to “Supply you the water you deserve on time”. Since our establishment in 1971, we are continuously driving and adopted policies to fulfill your water needs which in most cases your water taps either are unable or slow in doing. People call us water backup in certain emergencies.

A premium service provider using a 100% certified water source, always reaches on time and with 100,000 Gallons daily capacity at your service what else do you need to know before the call?

UAE drives 99% of its water source from the sea, and a big chunk of this water is supplied by tanks to various parts. We believe “Secure Track” drives value from “Water is life and everyone has a right to clean water to consume and use domestically. We are dealing with portable water and supplying sweet water by trucks to homes, construction sites, and labor camps, filling up your swimming pools with high-standard sweet water. We deal with the supply of Saltwater for specific needs.

Throwing parties, or your kids need a freshwater pool, are you a hotel looking for a quick swimming pool refill, or a contractor who needs water for site usage, you are at the right place to get what you need. We have pioneered supplying potable water all around Dubai.

We can help you estimate exactly how much water you need for pools and tanks, you will be charged for the exact volume you ordered. We have a fleet of around 25+ vehicles of capacity, 2500, 5000, 10000, and 20000 Gallons each trip so keep in mind you will get what you on time for sure.

Portable Drinking/Swimming Pool water is supplied by trucks in compliance with WHO (World Health Organization) and Dubai Municipality guidelines to ensure you receive the water (life) that you deserve to receive.

We have a team of experienced drivers who are well-trained to implement the clean water policy of the company and serve your needs on time. We have 24/7 service for our clients.

We provide Sewage and draining service which includes extracting and deposing sewage water to Dubai Municipality disposal sites by septic tanks. Good to know about the companies operating in areas where the sewage network is under construction or not available for the time being, Labor Camps, Dubai Expo Sites, and other major construction areas all around Dubai. 

Order Placement:

If you want to place your order, then feel free to either call us or drop an email on the following:
Phone: +971 55 504 82 04
Email: order@sadiqwts.com